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  1. Gone -:-- / 3:57


You missed another sunset
I’ll tell you all about the way the light hit
The linens in our room

Late again for work
You used to hate it when I rushed
Your hands upon my skirt
You begged for accelerated love
And then stood at the door with a kiss for me
Now you’re gone just like that

I wear the face you gave me
On the day we met
Will this all erase me
I’m so scared I’ll forget

Everyone’s gone home
And where can I go?
Tears will fall when I make
Footsteps down the hall
And wait for yours to come
But they’re gone just like that
Gone just like that

I know I’m not the first
To go through this hell
I’ve got friends and strength and love
But none of that is you
None of that is you

The leaves have turned to dust
I watch as all the birds lose their trust
In shelters they have known
I reach for you like mad
I reach for you at night
I swear I had the feeling of your hands
Softly touching mine
But as fast as it had come
It was gone just like that
Gone just like that
Gone just like that